Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY Chevron Canvas Shoes

 Hey everyone...or three followers :-) I haven't posted in quite some while. I got overwhelmed with the Hubs' surprise birthday(which went off without a hitch), my cousin's bridal shower and wedding and just good ol' life in general. So I have some major DIYing to catch you guys up on.  I figured I would start small :-). I got a pair of white canvas shoes off for like $7. I had all these great ideas...but didn't do any of them. I just now did something with them(only like 3 months later) but they are perfect for the summer!

What you Need:

Plain canvas shoes(I prefer white)
Acrylic or fabric paint
Paint brushes(small)
Stencil(you could free hand)

Step One:

Load your shoe up with plastic grocery bags or something that will make it more stiff. Then get you pattern. I got a chevron pattern off the internet here and cut out a piece that I could stencil onto my shoe. Take your canvas shoe and do just that...stencil away. 

Step Two:

Get your paints out. I chose to use two different turquoisey blues 
and I wanted a coral accent color.  
It was 10:30 at night when I got a chance to paint 
and I didn't have a coral color so I just mixed a pink and orange :-) 
For those interested I used CraftSmart-Caribbean Blue, and Robins Egg Blue. 
And I mixed Apple Barrel-Harvest Orange and Bright Magenta.

Step Three:

Get to painting. This is the tedious part. I had to use small paintbrushes to stay in my I said it was 10:30 at night.


















 Step Four:

Put the laces back in and wear them! Adore them!
 Get numerous compliments on them! I know I did!!

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  1. I love this project! I found it on Pinterest and so I clicked the link and now I love this blog!! Great job!

  2. Wow,this is cool! I also saw this on Pinterest! I will help spread the word.